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Why the Congress of Residents

The reasons for calling this a ‘Congress’ are threefold:
First, NaCCRA wishes to aggregate the major areas of concern of CCRC residents, from the broadest possible sources, into a prioritized list that forms a program of strategic and tactical goals that will become NaCCRA’s future objectives and actions.
Second, NaCCRA needs to identify from its membership those persons with the skills and knowledge who can help develop programs that educate CCRC residents to become effective spokespersons for fellow members in their communities and elsewhere.
 Third, our leaders must prepare for their succession by creating opportunities for leadership development of residents no matter where they are located. NaCCRA is an organization for residents by residents. Since we are all seniors, our attention to succession planning is a critical to success.
Your Question: What is My Part?
The Answer: Provide brief answers to the following questions and join NaCCRA if you have not done so already.
1. What is the most important thing that NaCCRA can do for CCRC Residents at your community? What are the big concerns of residents? Some examples are:
a. Transparency of Governance and Management Decision-Making,
b. Assurance of Financial Stability; evidence of effectiveness and efficiency,
c. Responsiveness of Providers to Residents Needs and Desires, and
d. Other concerns not listed above, specifically: Cite here:
2. Can you or anyone else you know serve CCRC residents by promoting membership?
a. At the Community Level____ at the State Level_____ at the national level____
b. Do you or anyone you know possess special skills and knowledge and is willing to share their expertise in Journalism Websites Technical Financial Other: ____________
3. What is needed in Guidelines, Model Legislation, etc.? Specify here:
4. Who are the leaders and where can they serve? Make one recommendation here:
a. Name
b. Contact Information:

325 John Knox Rd Ste L103, Tallahassee, FL 32303


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